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   Our Story   

After living in many space-deprived apartments in NYC, and on a tight budget, Brian sought ways to bring stylish storage into his life for a reasonable price.  With a hectic lifestyle, carrying daily essentials with him from home, to work, to the gym, to daycares, business dinners and more, time spent at home looking for items in a teeny space was adding to his stress.  

After meeting Ryan, a close friends from China, Handcrafted 4 Home was born.  Raised in northern China, the birth place of our idea for "Chinese factory worker," Ryan sought to help give a better life and working conditions to those they grew up with.  Rather than turn our backs and simply condemn their work practices, we decided to work together to take the best of both worlds and create something we feel insanely passionate about.  

Our artisans in China have been making baskets for hundreds of years.  By paying them higher wages than anywhere in the region, working with materials and practices that are environmentally safe and sustainable, and caring for every hand that touches our products, we've been able to create a company we're quite proud of.  And even more, we're able to give you your sanity back.  

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